Rehabilitation and appropriate physical therapy are crucial to the prompt recovery of our equine patients. Under direct supervision of our veterinary staff, the rehabilitation crew implements programs such as hand walking, underwater treadmill and specialized interventional nutrition.

This top-tier program promotes shorter post-surgical recovery, shorter hospital stays and a smoother and quicker return to athletic performance.

Get to Know a Selection of Our Rehabilitation Services


Specialty Farrier Services

Specialty shoeing can help aid in recovery from a wide array of conditions from orthopedic injury to serious illnesses affecting the hoof, such as laminitis.  At Alamo Pintado Equine, we offer specialized farrier services on site to ensure that patients are supported in their recovery by advanced shoeing techniques.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Alamo Pintado Equine was the first clinic in the US to acquire a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber designed specifically for horses.  "HBOT" provides horses with an enriched oxygen environment at approximately two times normal atmospheric pressure for the duration of the treatment. This environment promotes an increase in tissue oxygenation by as much as 13 times the normal level, as well as promoting antibacterial activity, enhanced white blood cell activity, reduction of tissue edema and enhanced wound healing.




Alamo Pintado has a unique Aquatred to assist in the rehabilitation of horses unable to train while supporting full body weight.  This underwater treadmill allows for smooth movement and muscle buildup while minimizing force and resistance.