Surgery Center


The Alamo Pintado Surgical Center welcomes patients from across the western United States, and is equipped with a host of advanced technological features that enhance our surgical capabilities while minimizing the risks of surgery and general anesthesia. 

From colic cases to long bone fractures and arthroscopy, we provide surgical patients with the highest level veterinary care and surgical expertise available. 

Meet Our Surgeons

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Carter Judy, DVM, Dip. ACVS

Dr. Carter Judy is a gifted equine surgeon, with referring veterinarians from across the western United States sending horses to Alamo Pintado Equine for Dr. Judy's surgical expertise.  A world-renowned authority in equine MRI, Dr. Judy has the unique ability to expertly diagnose then surgically repair a patient's injury, resulting in lesser time from diagnosis to treatment and a greater opportunity for success.  Dr. Judy has been a vital part of the team at Alamo Pintado Equine for over 20 years as a boarded surgeon, trained at the prestigious UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Mark Rick, DVM

Dr. Mark Rick brings a rich history and deep experience to our surgical patients.  Dr. Rick completed his surgical internship and residency at the esteemed UC Davis College of Veterinary Medicine, and has been with Alamo Pintado since its earliest days.  He has performed thousands of successful surgeries over more than 35 years,  providing the high-level healing capabilities of an experienced and skilled surgeon.  Dr. Rick is incredibly dedicated to his patients and their owners, and his greatest joy is returning a formerly sick or injured horse to its owner now on the road to recovery, health and performance.

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Troy Herthel, DVM, Dip. ACVS-LA

Dr. Troy Herthel was raised in veterinary medicine as the youngest son of Dr. Doug and Mrs. Sue Herthel, founders of Alamo Pintado Equine.  Troy has always had a passion for veterinary medicine, and surgery in particular.  After earning his veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University and completing an internship at Weatherford Equine in Texas, Troy went on to engage in a 3-year residency under the tutelage of renowned boarded equine surgeon, Dr. Carter Judy.  Today Dr. Troy Herthel works side-by-side with Dr. Carter Judy and Dr. Mark Rick, performing surgeries that range from advanced orthopedic repair to colic intervention and more.


Wade Walker, DVM, Dip. ACVS-LA

Wade is a 3rd generation veterinarian from La Canada Flintridge, California. He achieved both his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University. During this time he was employed as a research assistant at the Equine Orthopaedic Research Center. Dr. Walker completed an Internship at Arizona Equine Medical and Surgical Centre followed by a Large Animal Surgery Residency at Cornell University. Wade gained further experience as a staff surgeon at both San Luis Rey Equine Hospital in Bonsall, California and Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center in Cave Creek, AZ prior to joining the team at Alamo Pintado.


See How a Condylar Fracture (or "Long Bone" Fracture) is Surgically Repaired



Equine Recovery Pool

Alamo Pintado designed a custom warm-water recovery pool to ease the transition as surgical patient come out of anesthesia.  It allows for horses to wake up from surgery in a warm, weightless and tranquil environment, while minimizing stress and movement.


Post-Surgical Care

Past the results we are able to achieve in surgery, the care that our patients receive post-surgery is a vital part of their recovery process.  Surgical patients are monitored around the clock and provided with dedicated care to ensure that they are given every opportunity for a full and vital recovery.



The underwater treadmill provides an excellent form of post-surgical rehabilitation, with gentle movement that builds muscle and helps to condition horses in a safe and effective way.  More than just a recovery tool, our clients often book sessions for their horses in the underwater treadmill in preparation for shows and to get their horses in top shape.

Dr. Troy Herthel, DVM, Dip. ACVS-LA (left) and Dr. Carter Judy, DVM, Dip. ACVS (right) operate on a patient in Alamo Pintado Equine's fully equipped operating room.

Dr. Troy Herthel, DVM, Dip. ACVS-LA (left) and Dr. Carter Judy, DVM, Dip. ACVS (right) operate on a patient in Alamo Pintado Equine's fully equipped operating room.