Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center


Since 1983, Alamo Pintado has organized a yearly equine veterinary symposium, bringing together the most respected and well-known veterinarians from around the world. The clinic has been able to offer equine practitioners the opportunity to experience these world-class meetings in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of California. The focus has always been on presenting timely and useful information in a practical manner for our veterinary colleagues.

2003 30th anniversary celebration
2000 Noah Cohen, Claude Ragle, Virginia Reef
1999 Open
1998 Steve Reed, Norm Ducharme, Dorothy Ainsworth
1997 Dave Gorden, John Madigan, Andy Hoffman, Nick Vatistas, Dave Hood
1996 Steve Reed, Dave Granstom, Carol Gillis, Dave Wilson
1995 Rained Out!
1994 Alan Nixon, James Becht
1993 Joe Foerner, Michelle LeBlanc, Joe Mayhew
1992 Wayne McIllwraith, Ted Stashak
1991 Robert Schneider, Doug Byars
1990 Barrie Grant, Dave Barbee, Howard Seeherman, Norm Rantanen, Rick Arthur
1989 Joe Foerner, Jacque Tate, Paul McClelland
1988 Richard DeBowes, Doug Byars, Norm Rantanen, Robert Miller
1987 Larry Bramlage, Steve Reed, Woody Asbury, John Hughes, Ron Blackwell
1986 Bill Moyer
1985 Tom Divers
1984 Lauren Evans
1983 James Coffman James Moore, Cynthia Trim

With the success that we have experienced with our meetings, we are excited to plan our next symposium. Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you our next Alamo Pintado Equine Symposium.