Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center

Reproduction & Fertility

Alamo Pintado offers a full repertoire of services in the areas of equine reproduction and fertility. Since 1980 the clinic has successfully managed much of the reproductive work in the local Santa Ynez Valley. Our field veterinarians have the ability to conduct stallion and mare fertility exams, pregnancy evaluation and artificial insemination as well as advise on breeding and pre-foaling management strategies to our clients. At the clinic, under the management of our equine reproductive specialist, stallion collection services with both our breeding phantom and jump mare are routinely performed. We can then evaluate the semen for quality and then further process it for either frozen or chilled transport.

We have also enjoyed great success with our embryo collection and surgical transplant into surrogate mares, with over 80% pregnancy rate and a very low rate of complications. The professionalism and efficiency that characterize our breeding and fertility program has allowed Alamo Pintado to blossom into the highly successful and trusted breeding and fertility center that it is today.