Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center


At Alamo Pintado, we believe that proper nutrition plays a key role not only in the prevention, treatment and recovery from injuries, but also in achieving peak performance in our healthy equine athletes. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Platinum Performance was created to specifically aid bone and muscle healing in our equine patients. Based on research done over several years by Dr. Doug Herthel, we found that providing key trace minerals, highly bioavailable protein sources, vitamins and essential fatty acids that are missing from the modern horse diet, our patients experienced enhanced healing of muscles and bones, thus reducing the post-surgical recovery and promoting a smoother return to normal activity.

Some of the beneficial effects of our enhanced nutrition program include a stronger overall immune system, decreased allergic episodes, decreased arthritic and joint pain, increased coat health and shine, enhanced hoof health, increased stamina, decreased colic episodes and overall anabolic conditioning for peak athletic performance.

Platinum Performance is also formulated for canine, feline and exotic animal patients. However, since our research had indicated such remarkable benefits, it was only natural to take our product one step further and create a formulation for humans. Using the strictest manufacturing guidelines and only the highest quality ingredients, now Platinum Performance Human formulation is available in granular and bar nutritional forms.

The benefits of our Platinum Performance Human formula have been the subject of study by human orthopedic surgeons, diabetes specialists, oncologists and other specialty groups; however, there is one group that has already benefited from our remarkable approach to nutrition. This group is made up of some of the finest competitive athletes in the fields of endurance cycling, marathoners, triathletes, swimmers, runners and endurance riders. Their testimonials are supported by their top performances in their respective fields. Platinum Performance has given them the nutritional support to train at their peak and push the performance envelope to the limit.

To visit and learn more about our Platinum Performance Formula and the variety of supplements available, please visit the Platinum Performance website.