Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center

Neonatal ICU

Under the direction of our boarded internists, Alamo Pintado has developed new strategies to manage critically ill newborns and their mothers. With the ability to easily convert our Intensive Care Unit stalls into Neonatal Units our internists can provide exceptional care to the neonatal foal. Once converted, our Intensive Care stalls feature sectional penning to separate the mare from the ill foal, oxygen delivery lines, fluid pumps and administration sets, mobile neonatal ICU pharmacy cart equipped with all the necessary emergency medications and supplies, padded cushioning to protect the foal and a dedicated staff to monitor their progress hour by hour and minute by minute. All this is in addition to the features already present in our ICU stall such as video surveillance, climate control and the highest level of medical monitoring available.

Thanks to the dedication of the Alamo Pintado staff, this season’s foals are back to health and doing well.