Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center

Equine Ambulance

Since its founding, the veterinary staff at Alamo Pintado has searched for a way to cover the gap between the time a horse is injured and its arrival at our medical facility. This initial period can be critical to the successful outcome of certain injuries and so the Alamo Pintado Equine Ambulance was developed. Built to our specifications, our ambulance is a modified four-horse trailer outfitted to provide immediate basic emergency care. It is equipped with a padded sled and winch to load downed horses, oxygen supply with a demand valve, anesthesia equipment, endotracheal tubes, basic medications and pharmacy supplies, fluid administration sets, fiberglass casting and bandaging materials and basic surgical supplies. In short, it offers a safe, humane and comfortable way to mobilize injured horses while at the same time administering “front line” emergency care until the horse reaches the hospital.

Our equine ambulance was originally used most often to travel to southern California to pick up injured racehorses. Since then, many manufacturers have designed and built similar equine ambulances and many offer emergency transport services. Many owners choose to transport their injured horses to the clinic by private ambulance services; however, our ambulance remains in service and fully available to all our patients.