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Stem Cell Therapy

Harvested stem cellsThe Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center is the first private equine practice in the United States with an onsite Stem Cell laboratory that processes, expands and stores equine stem cells. This onsite laboratory saves critical time, as it enables the veterinarians and laboratory team at Alamo Pintado to harvest, process, concentrate and prepare your horse’s stem cells for injection in as little 90 minutes. This approach has transformed the typical multiple day procedure into a time saving outpatient procedure.

  • Bone marrow collected from the horse is processed in the laboratory to isolate the stem cell fraction that can be ready for injection within 90 minutes.
  • The stem cells can be cultured and concentrated to the desired treatment dosage, using the latest innovations in cell culture techniques.
  • Cells are divided into the number of samples needed, one of which is administered to the horse by the veterinarian, and the other samples are cryo-preserved for future treatments.

Alamo Pintado Stem Cell Therapy Laboratory Services

  • Concentrated bone marrow fractions for immediate reinjection
  • Bone marrow-derived stem cell harvesting for:
    • Stem cell culturing
    • Stem cell banking